Due to its qualities, teak has always been considered an excellent choice for outdoor decking. The controversial aspect is the origin of the raw material: much of it comes from Asia and Africa, often from forests that should be preserved and not exploited through unclear trade routes. 
Solárium deck is made 100% from FSC-certified teak, sourced from Mexico's largest private plantation, managed responsibly according to the forest management criteria established by the FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL®. The best guarantee of a quality choice, while also being environmentally friendly.


  • Outdoor Use: Terraces, roof gardens, and facades
  • Dimensions: 140 cm x 19 mm x 7 ft
  • SKU: 
Decking gardeen

The plank has a groove on the side for installation using invisible clips: no visible screws, which is effective and aesthetic. Solárium deck can be installed using clips, simplifying the choice and installation process.

Dedicated to those seeking the ultimate decking: teak deck boards with clips. Made from Mexican teak and FSC® certified, Solárium deck is the epitome of outdoor decking.

Since an outdoor deck is designed to withstand the elements, temperature fluctuations, and other weather conditions, not all woods are the same: teak is undoubtedly one of the most suitable woods, thanks to its density, making it virtually indestructible and dimensionally stable.

Dimensions: 14 cm wide, 12 cm wide, 9 cm wide, lengths starting from 6 ft, and 19 mm thick.

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