Deck Tile M56.5

Deck Tile M56.5

Elegance and versatility come together in this wooden tile, along with the material's strength, beauty, and its respect for nature as it is FSC certified. Solárium deck tile awakens our creativity to design incredible, contemporary, and eco-friendly spaces that, when combined with other materials, will keep you enjoying long stays with your family in your home.


  • Outdoor Use: Patios, terraces, and facades
  • 56.5cm x 3.8cm x 56.5cm
  • 10103511

Solárium deck tile is constructed with 90mm teak slats joined to create a 56.5 cm x 56.5 cm M56.5 and a 28cm x 28cm M28 FSC certified teak wood panel.

The inspiration to create a dynamic, warm, and contemporary atmosphere will be limitless with this wooden tile, ideal for patios, roof gardens, gardens, and pools. You won't stop believing in the versatility of Solárium deck tile, and you won't stop creating spaces filled with harmony and trendiness.

Our Solárium connector for deck tiles allows you to interlock all the pieces, regardless of the model: M56.5 and M28, horizontally or vertically, on floors, and even on walls, to create unique environments filled with your essence.

Design your space with Solárium deck tile and enjoy the result.

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