Teak wood floors will provide you with warmth, intimacy, and a natural feeling. Our modular floors made from FSC-certified teak wood are crafted by people passionate about creating products with unmatched quality. Furthermore, their ease of installation always looks professional due to their symmetry and dimension.

Wooden floors are a timeless classic, and their relevance remains intact over the years. They are an extremely elegant option for decorating the floors of your home, offering the possibility of creating warm and cozy environments. Intimate FSC-certified teak wood flooring facilitates design and installation, always with the natural elegance of teak wood.


  • Interior: Studios.
  • Dimensions: 13.5 cm x 19 mm x 4 ft
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The Intimate teak wood floor module has dimensions of 54cm X 110 cm and a height of 36 mm (P110). The module consists of teak wood slats, 90 mm wide, mounted on 17 mm teak wood slats, providing thermal insulation to keep your floor warm in the fall-winter and cool in the spring-summer.

The beauty of teak, the peace of mind of obtaining the best wood from sustainable forests, and the ease of installation make Intimate teak wood floors the best choice for your space.

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