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Solárium Line

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In modern home and recreational space architecture, there's an increasing blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, redefining the conventional boundaries between them.

Large open areas and the rising significance of terraces and outdoor lounges have led to a more seamless integration of indoor and outdoor environments. This shift drives a continuous innovation in traditional raw materials, including wood, as well as the development of new materials.

Wood has always been uniquely appealing: exotic woods are particularly suited for outdoor settings due to their natural weather resistance. For traditionalists, there's a classic option: plank decking (deck), traditionally installed with side clips, as seen in our certified Teak Solárium deck line.

Yet, the evolving outdoor wood concepts lean towards easy-to-install systems featuring pre-assembled, interlocking tiles. Our Solárium deck tile panel and Solárium deck tile are known for their distinctive design, offering a creative solution for outdoor, indoor, and wall flooring.

Solárium: Teak deck tile panel, teak deck tile & teak deck.

Íntimo Line

Indoor products

Every detail of our Íntimo Line is designed to contribute to the cozy, familial, close, personal, and even secretive touch you want to bring to your home spaces. Our wooden floors, paneling, and laminated beams will enhance the intimate aspect of your home with the elegance of teak wood. You'll continually feel secure with the harmony and beauty of Intimate interior coverings, and enjoy knowing that all our materials are environmentally conscious and FSC certified, taking care of your home and everyone's home.

"Enjoy the fullness of our Intimate line, enjoy the fullness of creating from creation itself."

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