Glulam Beams


Glulam Beams

The Glued Laminated Timber (GLT), also known as Glulam also known as ‘Glued Laminated Timber’is a structural material manufactured by bonding individual segments of wood. When glued with industrial adhesives (typically Melamine or Polyurethane resin adhesives), this type of wood provides high durability and moisture resistance, creating large pieces with unique shapes.

Íntimo laminated beams will inspire you to imagine and create unique architectural concepts with simple and elegant interior design. Each beam will bring warmth to your spaces and a sense of spaciousness to every room.

In addition, our laminated beams contribute to environmental conservation as we utilize every section of each teak wood board.


  • Outdoor Use: Terraces, roof gardens, and facades
  • Dimensions: 3 in x 8 in x 20 ft
  • SKU:
Glulam Beams
Glulam Beams

Glued laminated timber is a highly innovative building material. Pound for pound, glued laminated timber is stronger than steel and has greater strength and stiffness than comparable-sized dimensional lumber. Increased design values, improved product performance, and cost competitiveness make glued laminated timber the top choice for projects ranging from simple beams and headers in residential construction to soaring arches for vaulted roofs over 150 meters.
Glued laminated timber is a wood beam subjected to stress and composed of wood laminates bonded together with durable and moisture-resistant adhesives. The wood grain in the laminates runs parallel to the length of the beam. Glued laminated timber is versatile, ranging from simple and straight beams to complex and curved elements. Glued laminated timber is available in both custom sizes and stock sizes: 3.5inX7inX6m (VL357), 4inX8inX6m (VL48).
Suitable for use in beams, pillars, pergolas, ceilings, corridors, stairs, panels, and cladding. Another interesting feature is its diversity of tones; our teak wood will highlight the grain of the beams. Intimate teak laminated beams achieve a natural touch in your home.

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