Wall Paneling

We often seek interior design techniques that are both functional and visually pleasing. Fortunately, Intimate modular teak wood wall and ceiling paneling allows you to easily achieve this trend.

If you want to cover a wall with solid wood in the form of rods, you can easily achieve it with Intimate modular teak wood paneling. It looks spectacular, especially in studies, offices, receptions, and bedrooms. You'll find yourself with plenty of spaces to take advantage of the full range of Intimate modular teak wood paneling.


  • Interior and exterior use: Terraces, roof gardens, and facades.
  • Dimensions: 44 cm x 18 mm x 240 cm
Muro Lambrín
Muro lambrín

We also find that this covering functions as sound and thermal insulation, so it should be considered when covering not only walls but also ceilings to give a sense of spaciousness throughout your room. Install it from floor to ceiling to achieve this effect.

The modular system allows you to install large areas in just minutes. The dimensions of each module are: 44cm x 18mm x 240 cm (ML240), 88cm x 18 mm x 88 cm (ML88).

Additionally, we offer traditional paneling, where each piece is joined to cover walls and ceilings. Intimate teak wood paneling offers dimensions of: 11.5cm x 12mm x 4 ft and 9cm x 15 mm x 4 ft.

Design, create, and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of Intimate FSC-certified teak wood paneling with your loved ones.

Muro lambrín

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